Film Studio Impressed With Water Special Effects


A major film studio needed to realistically simulate the interaction of CGI figures moving through water without any visible equipment or operators. With a variety of shots needed and a tight filming schedule, being able to switch between effects instantaneously was crucial.


Rain for Rent provided a submersible pump with 2 discharge points. Using hoses, lasso-like controls were created enabling scuba divers to operate the pump while underwater. This allowed the equipment to provide the exact effect desired immediately during the hectic and fast-paced shoot.


  • The branch worked with the film studio to create a custom solution to fit their exact special effect needs.
  • Rain for Rent’s Engineering and installation team put together a custom system that ran seamlessly.
  • The 12” submersible pump allowed the equipment to remain out of sight during the 7 day shoot.
  • Divers were able to adjust flow based on the shot, providing instant control and the ability to switch between needed effects instantly.


The customer was extremely happy with the outcome of the project. Another film studio has already contacted Rain for Rent based on the performance of this shoot.

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