Filtration and Bypass System Restores City’s Water Supply

Temporary filtration and pumping system alleviates drought-damaged water treatment system

Years of drought reduced water levels in the California Aqueduct, clogging a Northern California city’s water supply with extremely high levels of organics, green matter and algae. The city needed a 1400 GPM temporary filtration system to provide uninterrupted service for residents while repairs to the water treatment plant were made.

Time was of the essence as the plant was experiencing shut-downs because of clogged filters. The small jobsite footprint added another challenge to executing this job in a timely manner.

The city chose Rain for Rent to provide a filtration and pump system to remove particulates down to 0.3 NTU, bypassing the treatment plant’s filters during repairs. The temporary system utilized a combination of sand media filters to remove larger particulates, and then bag filters and carbon filters to achieve the necessary water clarity.

Rain for Rent engineered the filtration system to make the best use of the limited space on the jobsite, fitting the combination of bag filters in parallel off each of the sand media filters.

The city was pleased with the responsiveness of Rain for Rent to install a temporary system in ten days so the treatment plant could do the necessary repairs.

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