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Filtration System Keeps Paper Facility Running During Repair


A paper mill was replacing their outdated sand filter system and needed to create a temporary system while maintaining uninterrupted access to the mill’s main water source. This system would need to filter influent water while bypassing it around the existing sand filters being replaced.


To process the mill’s influent water stream which was reported to average 6,000 GPM, the Rain for Rent team from Conway, AR, designed and installed a sand media filter system capable of pumping water at 8,000 GPM to the mill’s clear well.

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  • The project was dynamic due to the challenge of completely isolating the mill’s permanent system. To accommodate the mill’s full influent flow, the temporary system grew from an initial three filters and one pump to seven filters and two pumps with an additional back-up pump.
  • Rain for Rent built custom HDPE manifolds at the branch.
  • The Rain for Rent team serviced the pumps and filters every 10-11 days.
  • The system was designed with safety and maximum efficiency being the main concerns.
  • The system rental is ongoing, projected to run over 12 months.


The customer was pleased with the system, saying that the good design and clean layout prevented costly downtime. They plan on working with Rain for Rent on future maintenance projects.

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