Filtration System Removes Solids During Fly Ash Pond Dewatering


Coal fired power plants across the country are working to meet EPA regulations to close or cap unlined fly ash ponds. Discharging the water from these ponds often requires additional filtration treatment to reduce solids. A plant in the south was removing water from a five acre pond and needed to reduce the solids concentration as the water level dropped. Water samples were taken every hour and couldn’t have exceed the 100 PPM limit. The discharge had to average 30 PPM during the project.


Rain for Rent’s system included a series of bag filters to accommodate the 3,200 GPM flow rate.


  • By stepping down the micron rating of the filters, which were set up in series, the plant was able to meet the discharge requirements.
  • The plant was able to keep their pond dewatering project on track with Rain for Rent’s filtration treatment system.


The customer was very impressed by Rain for Rent’s ability to provide a filtration system to help them comply with discharge regulations as they prepare to cap their ponds.