Floating Pumping System Saves Customer $12 Million


In order to create more storage space for natural gas, propane and butane at a storage facility, a gas storage company drills into natural salt domes using water to create a cylindrical cavity. The resulting brine water is pumped into reservoir ponds lined with a series of thick protective plastic sheathing.

One of the ponds that holds two billion gallons of brine water, was discovered to have been torn. The facility needed a temporary water conveyance system to empty the pond and make the necessary repairs.


Rain for Rent designed a floating pump station to move the water out over the bank of the pond, across a road and down into a secondary pond. The 80,000 GPM system utilized a combination of six pumps and 30″ HDPE pipe during the 25 day project.


The pumps were staged on a floating barge, minimizing further damage to the already impaired pond liner.

Rain for Rent assembled a 40’ x 60’ floating platform made up of six floating panels that interlocked like Legos.

The Rain for Rent branch utilized the expertise of the engineering and SWAT Departments to help design the unique floating pump application.

The project design saved the customer a potential $12 million by limiting their offline time, allowing them to quickly get back on schedule to create additional storage sites, avoid impact fees, and continue construction on other ponds.


The customer was most impressed by Rain for Rent’s creative solution and field modifications, enhanced by working closely with the facility owner’s Engineer. They appreciated Rain for Rent’s dedication to ensuring all elements of the job were successfully completed from inception to outcome.

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