Floating Pumps Save Water District Money

Temporary floating pumping system saves Water District money during storm water pond maintenance

A Southern California water district’s 60-foot deep stormwater runoff catch pond needed to replace two onsite pumps that had reached the end of their working life after twenty years of use.

The water district required a 35,904 GPM dewatering flow to drain the basin for the planned pump replacement.

Rain for Rent developed a system using two HD600 30 × 24-inch hydraulic submersible pumps that were floated in the pond with two buoys.

The pumps were positioned in the center of the pond instead of on land, allowing the them to adjust to the falling water level without moving the whole system.

This positioning saved the customer money, and won the publicly bid project because of lower mobilization costs and fewer number of pumps needed than the competition’s quote.

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