Frac Sand Mine Doubles Capacity

Frac sand mine doubles production capacity with custom HDPE pipe install

After Rain for Rent successfully rescued a Nebraska frac sand mine operation from flooding in 2011, the mine reached out in January 2012 and chose Rain for Rent to help double their production capacity.

The sand processing facility needed to replace old pipe and extend their operations with additional new pipe.

Rain for Rent was chosen because of its trained fusion technicians, professional project management and cross-industry experience.

More than 25,000 feet of HDPE pipe ranging from 6 to 24-inch were fused along with more than 1,000 fittings to expand the plant’s existing system.

Because much of the terrain at the plant was sand and MSHA standards were strictly followed, Rain for Rent held daily 30 minute Job Safety Analysis meetings and delivered an incident-free job.

The Nebraska sand mine is the largest reserve of its kind in the country, and now has the capacity to process 2 million tons of silica sand annually. The plant is scheduled for continued expansion and plans to work with Rain for Rent in the coming phases.

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