Grading Project Allows Power Company to Protect Job Site


One of the largest natural gas and electric utilities in the United States required significant grading near a protected wetland area during construction of a new power switching station. Much of the graded areas had very steep slopes, so runoff prevention and hillside retention were great concerns. Previous attempts to grade the area through hydroseeding had failed when the material was washed off by a strong storm.


Rain for Rent was able to design an irrigation system that would apply moisture to the hydroseed material with greater control and regularity. Sufficient germination was achieved, allowing the hillside to withstand heavy seasonal storms. The utility company was able to protect the job site and adjacent wetland areas from catastrophic washout, preventing them from being subject to serious fines from the EPA.



  • The Rain for Rent team worked closely with a third party environmental consulting contractor to evaluate the project.
  • Leak-free pipe and pressure-regulating drain checks helped protect fragile hydroseed material from leaks and run-off.
  • Slope steepness and delicate grading required each pipe, sprinkler and fitting to be carried up the hillside by hand.
  • 10,700+ feet of Certalok plastic irrigation pipe was used to provide proper coverage for the hillside.


The utility company is pleased with the work that has been done by Rain for Rent and extended the rental period of the project.