High Pressure Pumping Aids in PowerPlant Upgrades

Power Plant upgrades aided by attention to safety on the jobsite and turnkey liquid handling experience of Rain for Rent

To meet EPA regulations, a large power plant in the south was building a scrubber to filter exhaust from their plant. Rainy weather during construction created a need to safely discharge runoff water into a cement-lined injection well on site.

Hydrostatic testing and cleaning was required to ensure the well’s integrity and to remove drill cuttings. The plant wanted to partner with a company that could offer a dependable, turnkey system including high pressure pumps that would operate at specific flows and pressures for a long period of time.

The prime construction contractor recommended Rain for Rent for the project due to our safety record of working hundreds of hours at this power plant without incident. Rain for Rent provided a spill-free system, filtering water to 5 microns before storing it in tanks which fed two high pressure pumps that hydrotested the well.

“I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

According to the Senior Geologist and Project Manager, “The pumps performed much better than I expected and were extremely dependable, operating with less than half a percent variance from the 150 GPM at 1500 psi needed over a 24 hours.”

The system Rain for Rent provided performed exceptionally well, allowing the project to be completed on time. “Delays would have cost a lot on this project,” said the Senior Geologist and Project Manager. “The project went as planned and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

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