Hydroblast Water Recycling Project Saves Activated Sludge, Prevents Downtime


A Midwestern refinery recently upgraded the activated sludge (a.k.a. bugs) at their WWTP, which consume the organic matter in wastewater. They wanted to prevent the high levels of soap in the used hydroblast fluid from harming the new bugs.


Rain for Rent presented a solution to recycle the hydroblast water by using four diaphragm pumps, a weir tank, a coated tank, and three bag filters.


A diaphragm pump moved the used water from a sump into a weir tank that was equipped with a flowmeter on the intake to ensure proper settling. From the weir tank, the water was pumped through a BF400 filter with 200-micron bags, and then on to a second BF400 with 25-micron bags. The filtered water was pumped into the coated tank and then into a third BF400 with 10-micron bags, before moving into the contractor’s water blaster. The contractor’s blasters were already outfitted with 25-micron filters, so the 10-micron bags provided by Rain for Rent prevented the particles from clogging the nozzles of their tips and guns and subsequent delays to the project.

During the project, the customer recycled 30,000 gallons of water while Rain for Rent provided 24-hour pump watch.


The customer was so impressed with the system that they ordered two additional systems of the same scope for upcoming cleaning projects at their wash pad and exchanger.

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