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Plants rely on Rain for Rent when they have planned maintenance or an emergency project. Rain for Rent has supplied pumps for bypasses, oil water separators and tanks at food processing plants, filtration at paper plants and everything in between. When you have a liquid handling need, let Rain for Rent take the worry off your shoulders and provide proven equipment and services.

Rain for Rent assists the manufacturing industry with everything from routine plant maintenance to emergency projects. Our work is recognized in helping leading companies with response needs. Here is just some examples of how we can help your plant:

Pulp & Paper:

Paper mills trust Rain for Rent for their planned projects and emergency needs. We provide equipment for routine maintenance, daily operations, bypasses and dewatering including pumps, pipe, tanks and filtration systems. Pulp and paper mills deal with all kinds of liquids from clean water to wastewater or liquor. The equipment that holds, uses and transfers water requires regular maintenance to ensure smooth operations. Without the proper knowledge and equipment, these processes can be very expensive.

Shipbuilding & Repair: