Massive 29-Site Bypass Saves Refinery Money

Chemical treatment plant turnaround bypass allowed for variable flows, quick setup and money saving solutions

Every five years a chemical treatment company performs maintenance on a five mile long overhead sewer line that connects eight industrial units around its campus. The line receives process and rain water and delivers it to waste treatment units.

As part of the plant’s maintenance and turnaround plans, 29 jobsites needed equipment at once throughout the campus. The company’s turnaround manager said, “not one rental company in the country could handle this size project alone.”

Not one rental company in the country could handle this size project alone.

Determined to show its capabilities, Rain for Rent outlined how its network of branches allowed it to handle the large volume of equipment needed to perform the full turnaround.

Forty pumps and 82 tanks were installed over a five week period. Flows at the 29 sites ranged form 50 to 600 GPM. Rain for Rent planned for safety and worked the engineered solution each day of the project.

Rain for Rent’s team worked together to provide a well-planned and cost-effective turnaround.

Contacts from the chemical company have admitted they now see Rain for Rent as not just a tank rental company for shutdowns, but an integral part of their team for daily operations.

Rain for Rent has been chosen for 3 capital projects since completion of the turnaround.

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