Mine Benefits with Forced Evaporation System

Removal of arsenic, salt from lake aided by evaporation.

A mine which produced over 175 tons of gold during its operation from 1988 to 1994 needed to remediate a 25 acres wide lake with depths up to 370 feet. Due to some excessive levels of salt and arsenic in the lake, the mine owner could not simply move the water elsewhere on the property.

An over-pond evaporation system was designed by Rain for Rent using a PowerPrime HH150 drawing water from the lake and delivering 2,000 gpm through 12-inch HDPE lines that were supported on the lake surface with floating sprinkler assemblies.

The high-head pump was set on an automatic starting schedule to run during daylight hours when evaporation rates were at their peak. Approximately 400 gallons per minute were evaporated by the system.

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