When a mine or quarry floods, the downtime can cripple mining operations. Rain for Rent works hard to ensure your operation never misses a beat. Evaporation systems, dewatering, dust control and track-out control are just some of the ways we can partner with you to mitigate risk and keep your operation on track. Safety is our number one priority. We are MSHA trained, HDPE fusion certified, certified mechanics, OSHA 30 certified and we conduct daily JSA meetings.

With various regulations governing the mining industry particularly in the water management aspect, miners work hard and invest valuable resources to adhere to these guidelines and protect the world from unnecessary pollutions. At Rain for Rent, we don’t only provide equipment for rentals, our team of engineers work with our customers in determining the optimum solution for various water management issues. Our primary applications in the mining industry are:

Pit Dewatering

Remove water from the pit quickly so mining can continue. Rain for Rent responds quickly by providing pumps capable of pumping high elevations, long distances, and variable liquid concentrations.


Positive water balance means the possibility of discharge, which requires filtration. In order to meet EPA turbidity discharge compliance, Rain for Rent provides
advanced pumping and filtration products with smart, automated instrumentation capable of running on its own and sending real-time reports. Perfect for your
remote mining location.

Dust Control

Keeping the air clean is key to keeping regulatory organizations off your back.
Rain for Rent can provide dust control products to reuse excess water and keep unwanted debris out of the air.

Evaporation Systems

Evaporation is a strategic process you use to maintain your water balance. Rain for Rent designs efficient evaporation systems to eliminate the water at the rate you request.

Wheel Wash

Dirt and mud tracked out from your mine site onto roadways is a public safety
issue and a clean-up expense. It has also become a major factor in meeting
environmental regulations and bid specs. Rain for Rent’s Wheel Wash systems clean truck tires quickly and thoroughly without distorting driver visibility, and
ensuring compliance with regulators.