More Efficient Pumps and System Design Saves Customer Money on 65 MGD Bypass


Construction on the Missouri River Wastewater Treatment Plant to separate the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) began in 2012 and is schedule to be completed in 2017. Phase two of the project required eight bypass systems per year that would overlap and repeat during a three-year period. Each set of installations would run from October through March. Tight time constraints required the pump provider to perform effectively.


Rain for Rent won the bid to provide pumps for the multi-year, multi-phase system. Thirty-three pumps ranging in size from 30-inches to 6-inches met the 65 MGD peak flow required by the job.


  • Rain for Rent’s bid provided a system that allowed for fewer pumps than the competition due to better pump efficiency.
  • Several Rain for Rent branches mobilized personnel and equipment to help with the multiple installations required by the job.
  • Rain for Rent’s SWAT (Sewer & Water A-Team) Team oversaw the design and installation of the system to ensure everything would function as expected.


The lead engineer for the project said that the system installation was everything she hoped for. It was the first time one of her designs had come to fruition because Rain for Rent was able to provide the system as specified with equipment that performed.