Muni Pipeline Project Saves Valuable Time with New LakeTank™

Wastewater expansion efforts get ahead of schedule

In an effort to improve and expand its wastewater treatment pipelines, a large municipality in the Southern U.S. hired a contractor to pig four miles of 30-inch raw-water lines to eventually convert them for waste treatment use.

Rain for Rent approached the contractor with a time saving containment and pumping solution utilizing the new B-24 LakeTank. This modular steel tank takes two days to set up and holds more than 1 million gallons of water. Set up was a fraction of competing water containment proposals from other vendors saving the contractor valuable time.

More than one million gallons of water were used to clean out the city’s raw water pipeline daily. That water was filtered and stored in the LakeTank for gradual discharge back into the city’s wastewater system.

More than 10 million gallons of water was filtered and discharged into waste treatment lines, all in less than half the time of the competition’s plan.

The pipeline pigging contractor was able to save on cost and time by utilizing Rain for Rent’s full line of pumps and filtration units along with the new million gallon modular steel LakeTank.

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