Offshore Platform Ballast System Tests Safety

$80k saved with efficient high head pumping system and planning by Rain for Rent

Construction on the deepest tension leg offshore platform was underway in a coastal city in South Texas. To prevent damage from potential hurricanes and tropical storms, the platform has to be able to sink to the bay floor and rise again after the storm passes as part of emergency control measures. However, the system is extremely sensitive and all sand and other particles have to be removed before the water is pumped into the ballast of the platform.

Rain for Rent was chosen to perform the work because they had done similar projects previously and could save the construction company $80,000 by maximizing efficiency and organization due to past experience. High head pumps, filters and HDPE pipe delivered clean water 200 vertical feet into the ballast system for the test.


  • Equipment was staged on a barge so it could travel with the platform as it moved around the bay.
  • Fused HDPE pipe ran up into the ballast system to deliver the water.
  • Six 2,000 GPM bag filters were onsite to clean particulates out of the sea water.
  • 15’ suction lift, 75-100 PSI static head and 7,500 GPM pumping capacity was necessary to move water into the ballast.

The customer, pleased with the efficiency of the system and responsiveness of the Rain for Rent team, is planning to work together on an upcoming filtration and pumping project later this year.

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