Oil & Gas

Energy is a fundamental part of life, and developing oil and natural gas resources is vital to our nation. Equipment from Rain for Rent is integral to that process. We understand the nature of work in the oilfields and the need for equipment to perform, coupled with the service to deliver and install it.

Our company was founded to provide oilfield supplies and over the years we have expanded our expertise and offer many services that assist in the oil and gas industry. At Rain for Rent, our dedicated team uses years of expertise and works hard to fulfill your oilfield needs. Some of our primary applications in the oil and gas segment include:

Water Disposal

It can be dangerous to improperly dispose of water at jobsites. It can lead to contaminated groundwater and a deterioration in air quality. Rain for Rent can provide access to proper disposal wells that can ensure your jobsite is disposing of water correctly.



Rain for rent has tanks and equipment available to supply water at fracturing operation sites. Steel frac tanks, stainless steel tanks and boxes from Rain for Rent provide superior storage options for any liquid handling project. Our tanks and boxes are easily transportable and are easy to clean.



Focus on your business and let us handle your liquid management and jobsite protection needs. Rain for Rent’s diverse fleet of pumps, tanks, filtration, pipe hoses and spill containment can handle your jobsite liquids. We also provide a variety of jobsite protection products – everything you need to keep your project on track.