One Million Gallons of Emergency Water Protects Construction Site


A multi-home contractor in the Bay Area needed a hydrant system that would provide more than one million gallons of water for potential emergencies. The city was unable to supply the builder with necessary water prior to construction starting, so a temporary water reservoir or cistern was needed. The amount of water to be stored was calculated from the amount of flammable material on the jobsite.


Rain for Rent provided a system comprised of 49 temporary tanks which held more than one million gallons of water, served by four 6-inch pumps. The pumps were fitted with the necessary automation so that when the hydrant valves were opened, the pumps would automatically start and run to meet the emergency requirements.


  • A solar panel maintained the batteries on the pumps.
  • The pumps were inspected weekly by a qualified mechanic to ensure they would start the first time – every time.
  • The branch hired a consulting fire protection professional engineer who worked in conjunction with the Rain for Rent Engineer on staff to assist the customer – expediting the permitting process.
  • Any delays in construction starting would cost millions in lost opportunity to presell homes. The branch mitigated this by anticipating permitting roadblocks allowing the builder to meet their schedule.


The customer is pleased with our system and is planning to use Rain for Rent in the future.

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