emergency-repairs on the 144” water main pipeline

Performance Matters: Bypass Enables Emergency Water Main Repairs


A Water District in Nevada discovered that their water main was at risk of failing due to damaged air vents. In order to carry out emergency-repairs on the 144″ water main pipeline, a bypass would be required to maintain a 12 MGD flow. An equipment rental company initially came on site and provided three pumps that did not perform to specifications, and the job had to be stopped. Site management dismissed the first rental company, and then called on Rain for Rent to provide a new solution for the bypass.

Emergency pump system was required to manage a water main’s 12 MGD flow


Rain for Rent designed, delivered, and installed a system of pumps and pipe that maintained the water level at the required manageable stage and allowed the District to return to managing their emergency-repair plan. Additionally, Rain for Rent suggested a strategy to contain the excess water flows flooding the work area, and bypassed them to a nearby flood channel – this allowed the District to focus their efforts on the emergency pipeline repairs. All on-site water flows were managed by Rain for Rent’s bypass system which performed safely throughout the week while the repairs were completed.


  • To ensure the bypass system remained operating as planned at all times, Rain for Rent provided 24-hour pump watch for the Water District.
  • With timing being such a crucial factor for this delayed project, Rain for Rent’s Chandler, AZ team jumped in to assist the Las Vegas, NV team by providing supplemental staff to assist with Pump Watch, along with contingency plan back-up pumps.
  • By replacing another company’s set-up with a more efficient system, Rain for Rent was able to establish themselves with the District as an emergency response provider that could be depended on to deliver results when most critically required.

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