Port Water Protected from Gray Water Pollution


A ship with a failing wastewater treatment system was moored at a port terminal in South Carolina in order for an environmental contractor to assess the situation and provide a solution. The contractor would require a temporary storage tank to safely contain wastewater transferred from the ship, and keep it contained while repairs were identified and carried out.


Rain for Rent examined the wastewater composition to confirm that the 21,000-gallon tank was compatible with the application, then maneuvered the tank into place on the dock to provide secure containment for the ship’s gray water production. The temporary storage system allowed the contractor time to properly address the ship’s failed system.


  • The temporary storage allowed for normal operation to continue onboard and prevented the overflow of gray water.
  • The project was performed water-side at the port.
  • Rain for Rent team members wore proper PPE and performed the job requirements without incident.


The customer said that Rain for Rent was their first call for a temporary liquid-handling solution, and they were pleased with the condition and functionality of the equipment.

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