Power Plant Boiler Cleanup System Saves Time


A South Carolina power plant needed to carry out planned maintenance for the plant’s boiler. The chemical flush of the boiler was on a fixed timeline and 18 coated tanks were required onsite for fluid containment within 30 days.


Rain for Rent sourced and staged all the coated tanks required to store the post-flush fluid after the cleaning process. The tanks stored the fluid for 60 days prior to disposal. Each tank was manifold and outfitted for spill containment.


  • Job-Walks: Rain for Rent Operations and Safety teams held job walks to ensure a precise footprint design for the tight space. Only 28’ of real estate was available to stage everything between two boilers. All possible risks were discussed in planning for a 2.5 day setup.
  • Environmental Safety: All tanks were staged within secondary containment for environmental protection.
  • Pre-fabrication: Fusing for much of the HDPE pipe manifold was completed at the Rain for Rent facility to reduce labor time on site.
  • Multi-branch equipment sourcing: Rain for Rent’s Charlotte branch sourced the coated tanks by working closely with multiple branches throughout the region. All tanks were available within the 30 day timeline.
  • Communication: Rain for Rent teams held weekly conference calls to discuss the progress of the project and keep everyone up to date. Action items were assigned and managed according to plan. The customer was included on these calls whenever minor project changes were to be discussed.


The customer was extremely happy with the communication and setup. They were proud of the way the system came together and its effective performance with no leaks; they said that the efficiency of this project helped them to

save time. Rain for Rent has since been awarded two more projects.

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