Power Plant Meets EPA Requirements After Ash Pond Spill


A power plant struggled to meet EPA discharge requirements when rains inundated their run-off ponds, causing suspended solids and coal ash to spill into a local creek. The plant needed to remove the solids from the water to avoid downtime after the spill.


Rain for Rent designed a two phase system that included weir tanks and filtration units to meet discharge standards.


  • The first phase recirculated the water utilizing a weir tank to settle the solids and two 10 micron and 1 micron filtration units.
  • As the solids settled in the weir tanks, a PVC solids waste removal system pumped the solids out to the customer’s desired discharge point.
  • The next stage involved taking the weir tank/filtration recirculation system offline and recirculating the pond by injecting flocculent with LMI pumps and static mixers.
  • The water was periodically tested and analyzed by the customer to ensure EPA discharge requirements were met.
  • The customer called on Friday afternoon and Rain for Rent was onsite with a system up and running by Saturday afternoon.
  • Two Rain for Rent employees provided 24-hour system/pump watch for 13 days.


The customer was very pleased that Rain for Rent knew what was required to meet the EPA’s discharge requirements, and how to set up the system. Rain for Rent’s extensive filtration and recirculation knowledge allowed for the customer’s needs to be handled in a timely and efficient manner.

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