Proven Experience and Equipment Aids Gas Pipeline Hydrotest

Choice keeps contractor's project on schedule

As part of an ongoing effort to ensure the safety of underground natural gas transmission pipelines in the Western U.S., a 240 mile section of 30 inch pipeline was set to be hydrostatically tested.

The hydrotest contractor chose Rain for Rent to be a partner on the pipeline testing job. The contractor had previously worked with Rain for Rent and said they were chosen again because of proven filtration expertise, pipeline project experience and Rain for Rent’s unique ability to provide all equipment needed for the hydrotest.

Rain for Rent designed a complete storage and filtration system for the pipeline hydrotest. The filtration system used steel storage tanks to stage water for hydrotesting, and to capture the water at the end of the pipeline. That water was filtered using cartridge filtration units and carbon filtration – all powered by diesel-powered centrifugal pumps. After filtration, the cleaned water was safely discharged into flood control channels.

Hydrotest water handling equipment staged on the jobsite

Three segments and more than one million gallons of hydrotest water have been filtered along the 240 mile long pipeline using Rain for Rent. The contractor plans to continue using Rain for Rent equipment and expertise for additional segments and future hydrotest filtration needs.

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