Pulp Mill Saved by Emergency Bypass

Sewer line damage threatened to cripple production of the entire mill.

A Southern U.S. pulp mill entered emergency status following the collapse of a concrete main header. The plant’s sewer line was damaged in the collapse. An emergency call was made to Rain for Rent.

A temporary bypass was needed to keep the plant operational while repairs were made to the sewer line.

A two-station pumping bypass system was developed. The first handled up to 7,000 GPM utilizing HDPE, heavy duty suction hoses and three DV200c pumps.

Station two handled 3,700 GPM in additional flow with two DV300i pumps.

Both stations were monitored by our pump watch to ensure 24 hour uninterrupted operation.

Thanks to the immediate emergency response from Rain for Rent the pulp mill was able to avoid a shutdown and continue operation while repairs were made.

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