Rain for Rent Floods Theater

Canadian Opera Company selects Rain for Rent to flood a theater for its floating production

Twice a week, an Opera Company had to install a 67,000 liter water pit for their ground-breaking production of “The Nightingale and Other Short Fables”. The water had to be warm enough for the actors, plus other environmental controls had to be in place to prevent humidity and audience discomfort.

After every performance, the Opera had to strike the set, so that “Madame Butterfly” could go on stage the following night. The pool in the orchestra pit had to be drained, and the stored water kept warm outside. Later, the water had to be readied to pump for the next Nightingale performance.

Rain for Rent worked with the Opera’s Technical Director to design a solution. The performance pool was mounted on the orchestra pit platform fixed on an elevator. For this show, they rolled the pool onto the elevator, and then lowered the orchestra pit into place. Next, the elevator was secured to support the weight. They had discussed ways of routing the hose through the building, and multiple hook-up options to extract the water at poolside.

The valves were set-up so that the water could be circulated in the tank when it wasn’t on stage. Then, before the water returned to stage, it ran through a 5 micron filtration bag unit.

Prior to delivery, Rain for Rent did a chlorination process to all the equipment. The video shows that the actors wore dry suits. Thus, the actors never come in contact with the water. This was a six week rental; the run of the play.

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