Rain for Rent Provides “Best Value Bid” for Sewer Bypass


A large public transit agency needed a temporary sewer bypass of 69” sewer pipe during construction of a light rail line. The HDPE pipe used for the bypass would require multiple welds of various angles, curves and lengths and be completed offsite based on drawings. With very tight time constraints, there was no room for error.


Rain for Rent utilized our extensive engineering expertise to complete the project using fewer pumps, suction, and discharge lines than the competition. The intricate HDPE fabrication and fusion work was completed to specifications and everything bolted up at the site location as designed.


  • Rain for Rent was able to complete the project using less equipment than the competition.
  • 1,000 feet of HDPE pipe was used to move 35,000 GPM of raw sewage during 7 days.
  • The operations team worked together to complete the project safely, and without spills.
  • All the HDPE pipe that was welded offsite based on drawings alone lined up and bolted together perfectly.
  • The custom fabrication work was provided on time and on budget, providing cost savings for the customer.


The customer was confident that Rain for Rent would complete this difficult project and could not have been more pleased with the outcome saying that this project provided the “best value bid”. The transit agency was so impressed with the work that they have already made several additional orders related to emergency sewer bypass work.

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