Refinery Pond pH Adjustment

Filtration and pH adjustment system treats 600 GPM for refinery waste pond

A multi-acre Eastern U.S. pond owned by an oil company needed treatment due to extremely low pH before it could be dewatered. The pH levels needed to be between 6.5 and 8 before effluent could be sent to the water treatment plant.

A complex system was proposed that would have required continual monitoring 24 hours a day. The project manager thought there must be a more effective method to treat the water.

Rain for Rent developed a stand-alone turnkey pH adjustment system which only required only periodic maintenance.

Engineers at Rain for Rent developed a team solution that utilized the new Portable Water Quality Monitoring System (PWQMS). Tanks on the project were fitted with radar gauge and alarm agent.

The PWQMS was able to keep water in the treatment process automatically until the pH reached appropriate levels.

Once the system was up and running the project treated nearly 600 GPM. The effective system freed up personnel to concentrate on other areas of the jobsite, saving the project both time and money.

The resulting design was later used on other projects, and works anywhere pH must be adjusted.

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