RiteFlo® Wireless System Saves Operator Quarter of a Million Dollars


A major oil and gas operator was spending thousands of dollars each day to check and manage water levels as well as flow for a 76 tank frac site. Employee safety was a concern as a person had to climb onto each tank to check the levels multiple times a day.


The Rain for Rent branch and Instrumentation team recommended using the RiteFlo® Wireless Gauge to monitor tank levels during the 45 day project.


  • The customer was able to run an additional stage per day saving them about $10,000 per stage and they were able to finish two days early saving them in costs they normally would have incurred with manual strapping. Total savings estimated at $250,000.
  • Falling hazards were minimized because employees no longer needed to climb on tanks to report the level of the water. Tank volumes and levels were reported in real time to any internet enabled device.
  • By knowing their real time flow and per state fluid total they were able to better gauge their fluid needs, reducing fluid delivery and disposal costs. Additionally, they no longer needed to keep surplus water onsite.
  • Alarms and notifications were set up to notify the operator when levels reached a set volume to help control and eliminate spills.
  • Remote monitoring made it easy for the company Water Engineer, site management and executive management to know what was happening on the jobsite from their office or smartphone.


After the job was completed, the Water Engineer for the customer said, “RiteFlo allowed us to complete extra stages when before, we didn’t have an exact barrel count. It also gave our on-site hands peace of mind by having the tank levels update every single minute.”

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