River Bypass for Hydro-Electric Facility Keeps Repair Work on Track


In order for repairs to be made at a hydro-electric facility, a Power Company needed a bypass system that could divert a river and control the flow of water around the area where repairs and up-grades were to be performed.


Rain for Rent designed, installed and ran a bypass system, complete with a site safety plan and a two-man 24/7 pump watch. The 12 pump bypass diverted the river around the work area with flows between 80 CFS/35,906 GPM and 160 CFS/201,974 GPM.


  • The remote canyon location presented several obstacles:
    • Equipment had to be off-loaded in a lay down yard then re-loaded on smaller trucks to be driven into the canyon.
    • Extra precaution was required to eliminate risk of sparking a wildfire.
    • The team had to be prepared for potential flash flooding.
    • Communication was difficult, and with no cell service available, satellite phones were required.
  • Each employee went through the power company’s site orientation, Lock Out Tag Out classes, and wore PFD’s when working near or on open water.
  • Rain for Rent combined teams from two local branches along with a Sewer Water A-Team (SWAT) Project Manager and a dedicated Safety Representative to provide the necessary equipment onsite. The system was operating two days before the anticipated start date.
  • One 12″ pump moved water from the underside of a temporary bladder dam and one 6″ pump removed nuisance water from around the active construction area.


The project manager appreciated the clean installation and smooth operation of the system. There were no issues with the system operation and the Power Company plans to work with Rain for Rent on an upcoming project next year.

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