River Special Effects Keeps Film Production Under Budget


A production company’s Visual Effects (VFX) team was working on a scene for a movie that required a river simulation. The river would be constructed within a plastic-lined channel in a field, and landscaped to resemble a natural African setting. Water would need to be filtered, and continuously flowing.


The customer arranged for the supply of water and excavation of three pits; two were located at the low end of the river, and the third pit was 380-feet away, up at the high end of the field. Rain for Rent designed and installed a pump system that created a temporary river flow between the pits, each pump producing 400-500 GPM, which recycled through a sand media filter. The system performed as planned for the 3-month duration of the project.


  • Rain for Rent met with the production company prior to construction of the channel and pits, and advised them how deep the excavation would need to be to create the desired effect with the right amount of water and flow rate.
  • JSA and safety precautions were outlined and adhered to, mitigating the risk of work near open water.
  • The system – delivered, installed, and operated – worked as planned and came in under budget, saving the production house time and money.

Customer Feedback

The customer was amazed that Rain for Rent was able to help them create exactly what they needed while remaining under budget, and said that they will certainly work together again on future special effect projects.

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