Sand Mine Saves Money with Wash Station Installation


A mining company that delivers northern white sand year-round needed a system to remove clay slimes and break up any agglomerates. To accomplish this, they needed a wet processing station to wash frac sand on site, making it easier to ship sand by barge or by rail to customer’s across states in the Midwest.


Rain for Rent set up a wash station using a floating platform, three turbine pumps and 3000 feet of HDPE pipe to help wash sand.


  • With the extremely cold weather at about 12 degrees, Rain for Rent was still able to get the station set up in less than a week.
  • There were overall cost savings due to washing being the simplest and lowest cost method for cleaning frac sand.
  • Branch employees were specifically trained for this job at all MSHA sites.


The customer was very satisfied with the wash station working as designed and plans to use it for the foreseeable future. They plan to use Rain for Rent on future projects.

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