Solar Farm Maintenance: Deionized (DI) Water System Pumps


Ontario, Canada – In order to maintain solar panel output and efficiency, panels must be cleaned; however, the use of soap can leave small molecules behind that collect dust and reflect light away from panels, further decreasing efficiency. To maintain solar panel cleanliness and efficiency, most operators depend on a method that utilizes deionized (DI) water.

While planning a ‘first of its kind’ solar panel cleaning project (utilizing a new proprietary additive that must be combined with DI water), a Solar Farm owner and operator in Ontario contacted Rain for Rent to discuss options for creating a temporary supply of DI water.


Rain for Rent designed and installed a temporary DI system that produced 6,000 gallons of DI water per day. The system utilized a 21,000-gallon coated tank to store unprocessed water on site; from here, water was pumped through a series of DI tanks and filter units. The polished water was then pumped into poly tanks from where it could be easily accessed by the solar farm operations team.


The customer was very pleased with Rain for Rent’s ability to design and deliver a temporary DI system that enabled them to use this ‘first of its kind’ technology in Canada. The result was a 4-7% increase in panel efficiency which could potentially produce millions of additional dollars in revenue for the customer.



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