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Stormwater Management for 100-Acre Development

Rain for Rent installed dewatering and filtration systems (each with 5 or 6 tanks) at four different sites on the 100-Acre island to manage stormwater from 12 ponds.


Maryland – A large residential development project on an island required a stormwater management solution to bring clay-laden stormwater into environmental compliance for safe discharge into an adjacent bay. Multiple dewatering and filtration systems would be required at various locations; the systems would need to provide temporary, yet long-term, stormwater management for the duration of the job, projected to occur over a period of ten years.


Rain for Rent, currently in our third year of providing stormwater management for this 100-acre community development, initially came on site per the customer’s request for a single tank to assist with mitigating water from unprecedented rainfall.Once on site, Rain for Rent recognized the problem the customer was facing – traditional stormwater control methods, often in the form of a dirt bag and a sediment tank, could be sufficient for applications involving sands, but they were no match for clay-laden water on the island.

Having the technology capable of cleaning clay-laden water effectively, and technicians trained to provide customers with confidence that their discharge and compliance requirements can be met, Rain for Rent decided to demonstrate, via a pilot test, how massive reductions in turbidity could be achieved. With just a few pieces of equipment, flocculant, and our filtration expertise, an expanded dewatering and filtration system was set up. It performed successfully for two weeks while being frequently monitored by local state regulators and proved that even during storm events with clay-laden water measuring at 2,000 NTU, we could achieve results of 50 NTU.

Following this proof of concept, Rain for Rent was invited to partner with the customer’s Engineering team and integrate our stormwater management system into their 10-year development program.

Projects of this magnitude necessitate a lot of behind-the-scenes bureaucracy and preparation which must be resolved prior to plans being finalized and equipment being staged. Rain for Rent partnered with the customer through the process of getting submittals written and approved, and provided all involved parties with the proof and confidence that our stormwater services would deliver the required results



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