Stormwater Runoff System Aids Refinery Expansion

Filtration system utilizes LakeTank™ in filtration process

Upgrades to an Eastern U.S. oil refinery required excavation for a new crude transfer pipeline. The possibility of stormwater runoff combined with below grade construction in a long dormant section of the refinery required a dewatering system to extract, store, treat, filter and discharge during construction.

Rain for Rent provided all of the equipment needed and engineered a plan for the stormwater pollution prevention and dewatering filtration needs. This allowed the refinery to have more efficient communication and deployment working with a single company. Twelve pumps, miles of hose, 35 frac tanks, one LakeTank™, manifolds, vacuum boxes and two dedicated filtration units were used to treat water during construction.

LakeTank™ used in storm water pollution prevention program

Because construction continued during the rainy summer season, a scalable filtration system was needed. Strategic use of the LakeTank allowed for oil to rise along the large surface area and be siphoned off by a vacuum truck for proper disposal. Additional filtration measures were taken by outfitting BF1000 filtration units with oil absorbing bags to handle high-flow filtration needs.

Due to the safety record and success, the refinery has since chosen Rain for Rent to provide liquid handling equipment for planned upgrades and expansions in 2014.

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