Successful Execution of Four-Stage Dewatering Process Save Shipbuilder Thousands with Every Launch


When construction of a tanker is completed, the dry-dock is filled with millions of gallons of seawater to allow the new ship to launch. Once the new ship departs, all seawater must be removed from the dry-dock before future construction can take place. In the Southwest of the US, a shipbuilder needed a dry-dock dewatered immediately to accommodate new orders and decided to call Rain for Rent.


Rain for Rent designed and executed a four-stage dry-dock dewatering process. The multi-stage approach allowed the company to pump within their allotted discharge amounts and store water for alternate discharge. The process, had the added benefit of preventing the local treatment facility from being overwhelmed by excess water while keeping the dewatering process on schedule to meet the shipbuilder’s needs.


  • Pump watch provided on-the-fly adjustments to tidal changes and discharge restrictions.
  • Due to careful project management and regular communication, the dewatering project came in 10 percent under budget, saving the shipbuilder thousands of dollars.
  • The dewatering project pumped a combined total of more than 4,700 GPM during peak flows with the help of multiple highlines.


The shipbuilder was very happy with the dewatering work and has committed to using Rain for Rent on multiple projects over the next year. Furthermore, the ship company was pleased with Rain for Rent’s team and approach to keeping a jobsite safe and clean.

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