Tank Farm Keeps Site Safe and Clean During Boiler Cleaning


Chemical cleaning is often required to maintain equipment and avoid potential expensive damage from scale and debris build-up within boilers. When planning a proactive boiler cleaning job, a power plant in Virginia required a system that would be able to provide safe storage for wastewater produced during the cleaning process.


Rain for Rent provided a leak-proof system that contained the wastewater while it was tested and disposed of. Spillguards were used to ensure complete protection for the site.


  • Seventeen 21,000 gallon tanks stored the wastewater without reaction or incident for four weeks during the cleaning project.
  • Total spill protection was provided by the E-Contain® Spillguards, and no spills occurred.


The customer was happy to report, “Your team provided great and speedy service, and everyone that came out to the site was very knowledgeable and helpful.” The power plant’s Maintenance manager said that he plans to use Rain for Rent again on next year’s boiler-clean project.

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