Tank Farms and Ground Protection Fulfill DEQ Fly Ash Requirements


To meet DEQ fly ash initiative requirements, a power plant required multiple groundwater monitoring wells at three locations on one of their fly ash landfills. Constructing and flushing the wells would produce tens of thousands of gallons of process-water that would need to be stored and disposed of. Each of the three locations needed to have a high-volume water storage system with a single fill point and a single suction point. Complete ground protection would be required to prevent site contamination or damage from the steady flow of heavy water-disposal trucks.


Rain for Rent designed, delivered and installed three high-volume water storage systems with a total of twenty-eight 21,000-gallon tanks. Each of the three tank farm systems was independently manifolded together with a network of 4-inch pipe and fittings, including one intake point, one discharge point, and total containment within Spillguard berms. To provide further ground protection and ensure that there would be little-to-no sign of soil disturbance, Rain for Rent installed giant quilts of Traction mats around each tank farm, enabling full length semi-trucks to drive in, turn around, back up to the discharge point, pump out a load of stored water, and drive out, all without touching the ground.


  • Single points for water intake and discharge created efficient, organized storage systems and helped to create a safe traffic pattern at each site.
  • Over 900 Solid Ground Traction Mats™ were installed at the three sites on the landfill, providing ground protection for a total of 28,000 square feet.
  • Spillguards and Solid Ground Traction Mats™ protected the environment from spills and the customer from violation fines.

Customer Feedback

The contractor’s site manager said, “Before speaking with Rain for Rent, we didn’t think a system like this was possible.” The customer was completely satisfied with the solution provided and said that in the future they will only work with Rain for Rent for their liquid handling needs.

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