Solar Farm

Temporary Water Supply System Prevents Solar Farm Construction Delay

550MW solar farm used Rain for Rent temporary water supply for construction, dust control


As plans for the installation of a 550 megawatt solar farm in Central California developed, it was identified that dust control would be crucial. As a result of the Environmental Impact Report, no dust could be in the air. Without continual dust control, the job would be shut down.

A system of pump stations was designed by Rain for Rent to provide water for dust control to the solar power plant construction, allowing construction to continue uninterrupted.

Rain for Rent provided several pump stations that pulled water from a pond and numerous wells which fed into several sets of tanks connected to J-stands and water towers. Water trucks could then be loaded and continuously run for proper dust control and compaction. Delivery and set up of the system included a total of 15 tanks and seven pumps with spill containment to protect the jobsite.

Pleased with the quick response, the solar company commented that Rain for Rent provided unmatched service. Without the tanks and equipment to store water for dust control, the job could not have moved forward.

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