Thousands of Dollars Saved By Protecting Landscape At Music Festival


In order to provide a safe walking path, Rain for Rent provided 250 4’ x 8’ SolidGround® Traction Mats. By using the plastic links to secure the mats together, this lowered the risk of tripping.


  • The tractions mats saved the customer $8,000 by avoiding damaging the park grounds and reducing the cost of having to replace the damaged property.
  • Rain for Rent’s design layout made it a lot more manageable and safe for pedestrians with wheelchairs, baby strollers and golf carts.
  • The high visibility of the traction mats caught people’s attention and drew them to use the walking path, rather than walk through the grass tearing up the field.


The customer was very impressed by Rain for Rent’s ability to demonstrate adaptability, our commitment to safety and the overall cost savings.

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