Top Tier Operations Team Completes Nike Bunker Project Ahead of Schedule


Burlington, MA – During the 1940’s-60’s, the U.S. Army created Nike Missile bases, elements of the first anti-aircraft missile system, across the United States. Two of the remaining deactivated Nike Missile Bunkers were scheduled for evaluation and would require a pump system that could drain, and continue to keep the silos free of water, while inspections were carried out.


Rain for Rent supplied a temporary pumping system along with tanks for water storage, removing water and keeping bunkers dry while confined-entry crews cleaned out debris and performed structural evaluations.



  • Delivery, installation, operation, and removal – completed in 10 days.
  • Thanks to the efficiency and safety of Rain for Rent’s local Operations team, the pumping project was completed ahead of schedule saving the customer time and money from other sub-contractors services and fees.


The project GC shared: “I certainly appreciate your time and effort. I want to emphasize that this was a process originally scheduled to last 15-days. Beyond the testing day, we anticipated 2-days of pumping each bunker, 2-days to clear out debris from each bunker while you continued to pump, 2-days of bunker inspections while you continued to pump, and 2-days of draining the 21,000 gal. tanks. That was an anticipated 15-day pumping operation that we safely accomplished in 3-days. Thank you.”

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