Underground Creek Bypass Keeps Airport Open During Construction

50 CFS underground creek bypass allows uninterrupted flight service at regional airport

A Colorado regional airport needed repairs made to a 12-foot culvert beneath the two runways during freezing winter weather. The airport, which serves as a primary source of winter travel for tourism and local residents, could not risk flight interruptions. A creek passed under the runways via the culvert, with up to 50 CFS flow. The stream had to be diverted in order to allow repairs to be made.

They called Rain for Rent to provide five DV300i pumps and fused HDPE pipe for the 22,000 GPM bypass.

Rain for Rent employees on pump watch break up ice to prevent suction blockage during creek bypass.

Rain for Rent engineered bracing inside the culvert to support the HDPE pipeline, allowing the bypass system to remain totally underground during repairs.

Because the bypass operated 24 hours a day, with temperatures reaching 20 degrees below zero, preventative measures had to be taken to ensure the equipment and pump operations crew never froze.

The bypass was suspended via an HDPE pipeline within the culvert during repairs.

The contractor partnered with Rain for Rent due to their past large-flow bypass experience. The culvert repairs were completed on schedule without flight delays or cancellations at the airport, thanks to the expert collaboration between the contractor and Rain for Rent.

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