Unique Dewatering and Filtration Saves Big Money for Freeway Expansion

$1.5 million saved over six months with filtration and settling system.


Major freeway expansion in Los Angeles required hydro-excavation, a process which produces very thick mud and slurry that cannot be discharged onsite. The construction company was spending more than $228,000 each month on treatment and trucking of the mud and slurry.

Using Rain for Rent’s filtration system and HaloSource’s polymer, the construction company saved $1.5 million on trucking costs over a six month period.

The HaloKlear dry polymer aided in separating solids from the water, which was then filtered with Rain for Rent’s cartridge and bag filtration system.

The filtered water measured single digit NTU readings and was later used for dust control and in the hydro-excavation process.

After treatment, the muddy water slurry was solid enough to move with a backhoe to be used for backfill on the project.

The construction company is able to save nearly $150,000 each month with the polymer and filtration solution.

The construction contractor was pleased with the money-saving efficiency of water filtration brought by Rain for Rent and HaloSource filtration solutions. They have said Rain for Rent will be their first call for similar filtration projects in the future.

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