Water-Saving System Helps Ranch Efficiently Irrigate Field


A Ranch needed to convert their flood irrigation system to provide a 400-acre field with a more efficient system. Location, varying soil types and water availability were making it extremely difficult and time consuming to irrigate the farm efficiently.


Rain for Rent proposed an innovative six pivot system that included a 300 hp pump station which would give the customer the flexibility and control to provide individualized watering to each portion of the 400-acre parcel.


  • The system provides the ability to substantially reduce labor costs for irrigating the field.
  • The pump station was set up to work with six new pivots and 3 existing pivots on the ranch.
  • The Rain for Rent team pulled together to complete the project ahead of schedule.
  • Peak flow with all pumps running was 6,300 GPM.
  • The operations team worked in varying weather conditions, from warm and sunny to below freezing and snowing.
  • The Reinke pivot system saves water and labor costs, while increasing crop yield.


The customer was extremely happy with the design and set up of the irrigation system. The project was finished ahead of schedule, exceeding the customers’ expectations.

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