Wood Manufacturing Plant Saves $300,000 With Filtration Solution


Water from a stormwater retention pond at a wood and cellulose manufacturing plant was leaching into a nearby creek, threatening construction of a new facility. The state Department of Environmental Quality required that water entering the creek had to be less than 30 NTU or the project would be fined or even shut down. The company needed to dewater the pond so they could remove sediment, line it with rocks and other material, and install a skimmer unit. This would prevent dirty water from leaching into the creek in the future.


Partnering with HaloSource, Rain for Rent provided a two part HaloKlear injection system using LMI injection pumps in addition to weir tanks, BF400 filters and high head pumps to treat the pond water.


  • Rain for Rent’s engineering team recommended a solution to remove 3 to 4 feet of sediment buildup in the weir tank by pumping it out every 12 hours.
  • By removing the sediment buildup with a pump to a disposal pond, the customer saved $5,000 per day by not having a vacuum truck on standby.
  • The BF400 filters reduced the turbidity as low as 10 NTU, outperforming the DEQ’s requirements.


According to the customer’s on-staff engineer, had it not been for Rain for Rent, they would have had to shut down the entire project. They were happy that their staff didn’t have to be involved in the water treatment solution as Rain for Rent provided all labor for the project, allowing them to focus on their work. The customer was pleased with Rain for Rent’s responsiveness, ability to find a solution, and adjust on the fly when necessary.

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