WWTP Rehabilitation Project Stays on Schedule with Sludge Pumping System


A Wastewater Treatment Plant in Georgia required sludge removal for their primary clarifier in order to move forward with a rehabilitation project. The clarifier was densely packed with sludge too viscous to pump with the equipment available in their maintenance department. The WWTP wanted to keep the sludge as thick as possible as it was removed; loosening it with water would add weight and increase hauling costs.


Rain for Rent presented a plan to the WWTP that would utilize a Fast Flow pump specifically designed to move very viscous material efficiently. The temporary pump and hose system was quickly approved, delivered, and installed, removing the sludge from the clarifier without delay.


The WWTP was able to realize considerable cost savings by avoiding increased material weight which would have resulted in the need for more tanks, more trucks, and more disposal fees.


The WWTP customer was surprised to see how thick the material could remain while being pumped, and pleased with the efficiency of the system; they plan to partner with Rain for Rent on future maintenance projects.

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