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Dewatering Solutions

At the heart of any successful construction project is the need for a dry, safe, and productive work environment. That’s why we offer cutting-edge dewatering solutions that deliver maximum efficiency and productivity. Our advanced pumps, drainage systems, and other water management techniques ensure that excess water is expertly removed from your site. With our expert construction site dewatering services. Trust that your project will proceed smoothly and on-time, no matter the weather conditions. Don’t let water slow you down – partner with us for the most effective dewatering solutions available!

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Filtration Solutions

Don’t take chances with the water on your construction site! Whether you are treating water for reuse or discharge, our team of experts design customized solutions to meet your specific water filtration needs. We offer a complete line of sediment filtration options; from media filters to bag and cartridge filters. No two construction sites are the same so let us engineer a system to meet site’s unique needs and containments.

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Rain for Rent’s fully staffed Engineering Department has provided unique solutions to our customer’s liquid handling and storage needs for over half a century. There’s no project too large, nor system too complex for us to provide an engineered solution. Whether facilitating communication between sales and operational teams, providing detailed system designs, or even full-scale project management, we have your back.

Water Storage

We understand that every construction project requires a reliable source of water. That’s why we offer innovative water storage solutions designed specifically for the construction industry. From small tanks to modular Lake tanks capable of storing millions of gallons of water, we have a range of options to meet your specific needs. Our water storage solutions provide a safe and efficient worksite, allowing your workers to focus on what they do best – building. Trust us to help make your construction project a success.


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