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Aluminum Dragline Pipe

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Dragline sprinkler pipe can drastically reduce labor costs for germination of row crops. It can be removed quickly from a wet field and placed in another location. When using a tractor, up to a quarter mile of dragline can be pulled at a time, reducing the amount of manual labor needed to move large portions of sprinkler pipe.


Feature of Dragline Style Aluminum Irrigation Pipe include:

  • A unique “Tow Move” pipe movement function to reduce labor
  • No-latch style connection
  • Heavy ended pipe for extra durability
  • Custom embossing for your pipe naming needs
  • Special tow tool available
  • Available in 3” O.D.
  • Standard pipe length is 30 feet; custom lengths available
  • Wall thickness: 0.50”
  • Couplers rated at 80 psi working pressure.
  • Pipe aluminum alloy: 3004-H26
  • Fitting aluminum alloy: A356
  • Pipe ends are bullnosed and reinforced with a 6” press-fit sleeve
  • Dragling style fitting are welded to the pipe

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