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DV100 4″x4″ Pump

  • Discharge Flange4"
  • Dry Weight1900 lbs
  • Footprint106.75” x 62”
  • Fuel Capacity40 or 60 gal
  • Impeller Diameter8.7"
  • Max Flow790 GPM
  • Max Head115 ft
  • Priming MethodSelf-Priming
  • Pump Size4"x4"
  • Solids1.75"

The 4” suction x 4” discharge self-priming centrifugal DV100 trash pump provides up to a maximum of 790 gallons per minute pumping and up to 115 feet of head. This pump is usually mounted on a trailer and features the standard PowerPrime Clean Prime Venturi priming system which allows it to run continuously, unattended and even run dry.

  • Continuous self-priming
  • Runs dry unattended
  • 12 volt, electric start with auto-start capable control panel
  • Flex coupled to diesel engine
  • 24-hour minimum capacity fuel tank
  • Compressor fitted to operate the air-ejector priming system
  • Cast iron wet end with open impellers
  • Replaceable wear plates
  • SAE Mounted
  • Spillguard
  • Suction and Discharge Hoses
  • Fuel Nurse Tank
  • Maximum Flow 790 GPM (50 liters/sec)
  • Maximum Head 115 feet (35m head)
  • Pump Size 4” x 4” (102mm x 102mm)
  • Maximum Solids Handling 1.75 inches (44mm)
  • Dry weight 1,900lbs.
  • Footprint: Trailer mounted model 106.75” x 62”
  • Fuel tank 40 or 60 gallon (151 or 227 liters)
  • Fuel consumption 1.2 gph @ 2,200 RPM (5 liters per hour)

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