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High Pressure Lay Flat Hose

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High Pressure Lay Flat Hose provides superior hydraulic performance and drastically reduced installation and assembly time. Designed with safety and performance in mind, our deployment and retrieval equipment has a low center of gravity. Deployment and retrieval are performed while driving forward. Low ground pressure from compact track loader provides minimal impact on the environment. The lay flat’s polyurethane cover offers superior abrasion and puncture resistance compared to nitrile (rubber) hoses. The polyurethane liner has a very smooth surface that reduces friction losses and allows you to deliver more water with less horsepower. The industrial grooved (Victaulic) and heavy-duty ringlock allows quick assembly and provide strong leak resistant connections.

  • Faster installation compared to aluminum or HDPE pipe
  • Reduced traffic on the jobsite by fitting over a mile of hose on a single trailer
  • Reduced labor costs with only eight connections per mile and fewer personnel to deploy and retrieve the hose
  • Flexible nature of the hose means fewer fittings and air vents minimizing the possibility of leaks
  • The hose absorbs pressure surges and spikes reducing the chances of a ruptured line
  • Industrial grooved and heavy-duty ringlock clamps designed forcontinuous leak resistant connection
  • Wider footprint of compact track loader reduces chances for ruts and has a lower impact on soft ground during installation


  • Temperature range -59°F (-50°) to 160°F (75°C)

8” lay flat hose

  • Weight: 2.09lbs/ft.
  • 200 PSI working pressure
  • 600 PSI burst pressure

12” lay flat hose

  • Weight: 3.33lbs/ft.
  • 145 PSI working pressure
  • 435 PSI burst pressure
  • Standard lengths 660 foot sections
  • 3:1 Safety Factor for increased safety during water transfers
  • 8” lay flat hose has 2.61 gallons per foot
  • 12” lay flat hose has 5.87 gallons per foot

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